Revenue Systems Services

We help architect, select and integrate enabling brand, people, process and technology systems. We design and deploy the platform for effective sales and marketing execution and ensure these foundational elements are in place to fully enable efefctive buyer engagement.

Revenue Systems

Branding and Visual Communications

 Branding and Visual Communications

We help you establish the brand foundation and visual communications to express your value to market.

  • Brand analysis
  • Brand strategy and architecture
  • Logo design
  • Brand standards
  • Naming, themelines

Revenue Organization

  • Organization design
    • People and talent
    • Recruiting
    • Talent development
    • Metrics
    • Incentives and compensation
  •  Partner strategy and definition
    • Segmentation and solution mapping
    • Engagement and messaging
    • Partner marketing strategy
    • Sourcing & onboarding

Revenue Process

Revenue Process

We help you design an integrated Revenue Process.

  • Funnel and stages
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Rules and artifacts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Technology-enablement
  • Tracking and closed-loop reporting

Websites and Digital Presence

Websites and Digital Presence

We design and integrated websites and digital presence.

  • Experience and creative Design
  • Web technology (e.g. WordPress) Integration
  • Training and transition
  • Hosting and management
  • Social Media Profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Revenue Technology

Revenue Technology

We help you with the objective selection and integration of the revenue technology stack.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Force Automation / CRM
  • Customer Data Management
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting and Attribution
  • Social Media Management
  • Advertising Platforms
  • PR Platform
  • Influencer Management Technology

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

We help you build the foundation resources and tools for sales and marketing, e.g.:

  • Customer case studies
  • Whitepapers and ebooks
  • Product demo decks
  • Pricing and discount information
  • Competitive intelligence briefs
  • ROI tools
  • Training and coaching
  • Explainer videos
  • Technology and tools

Sales and Revenue Operating Model

Your sales operating model will need to change as your business model changes. Putting in place the seller/doer model and defining the type of sales organization model is critical to ensure you can execute against your business strategy and align your revenue architecture with your business architecture.

Sherwin Uretsky, Managing Partner

Sherwin Uretsky

Data-driven Engagement

By tracking data about users (individually and in aggregate) and their usage of an app, mobile engagement platforms can determine an individual user’s likely intent, which can be used to decide what message to send them, and when.

David Schoenbach, Managing Partner

David Schoenbach

Revenue Technology Stack

The web has fundamentally changed the buy-sell process. According to McKinsey Research, 82% of product purchases start with a web search.  Websites, social media, marketing automation and CRM are core elements of an effective revenue engine. Business intelligence and data management are critical for predictive closed loop marketing.  Integrate component technologies or use an inbound marketing platform to manage the ‘revenue engine’.

Riaz Adamjee, Senior Client Partner

Riaz Adamjee

Does your revenue systems platform fully enable marketing and sales effectiveness?