Enabling Revenue Systems

Revenue Systems form the enabling platform for closed-loop revenue execution, including your brand presence, revenue technology platform and the front office operating model.

Brand Presence

Establish your brand and channels for optimal buyer engagement.

  • Design the brand visual identity and channel architecture.
  • Deploy channels including website, collateral, and digital channels.
  • Engage brand presence and channels for buyer engagement and optimized conversion.

Revenue Technology

Integrate Marketing Automation, CRM, Customer Data and Business Intelligence.

  • Architect solutions for the enterprise technology platform across marketing, sales and service.
  • Select technology solutions based on business and functional requirements.
  • Integrate platform of technology systems for a 360 degree customer view.

Operating Model

Establish the sales and marketing processes and organization.

  • Design processes for closed-loop marketing and sales.
  • Build organization for optimal sales channels, team structures and  incentives.
  • Enable teams with the resources they need to succeed.

Web Design and Development and Brand Presence

Learn more about how we approach web development for optimal buyer engagement and conversion.

Revenue Technology – Marketing Automation and CRM

Learn more about how to integrate the technology platform for marketing and sales.