Revenue Strategy

Envisioning Revenue Strategy is about segmenting the audience, building personas, developing targeted messaging, then determining the best way to access buyers.

  1. Use your ideal customer profile and insights from buyer engagement success and competitive market research to select and deselect markets. Identify the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for selected markets and segment for buyer engagement opportunities. Prioritize segments and focus your engagement strategy based on opportunity, urgency and feasibility.
  2. When you have prioritized target segments and personas, you can innovate products and align the value proposition and messaging. New growth in a competitive environment may require innovations across your offering portfolio. Competitive customer acquisition depends on compelling value propositions for specific buyer personas that are differentiated and persuasively communicated.
  3. Determine how to access market segments, personas and Decision Making Units (DMU) across channels and the mix of marketing. There are a wide variety of channels to access the market across media, direct, and indirect. Identify the marketing and sales mix and the portfolio of buyer engagement programs for offering and buyer persona combinations.

Revenue Architecture Diagnostic

We can uncover the issues and align priorities at most companies within 1-2 weeks. We assess 9 dimensions against best practices and identify key issues, opportunities and priorities based on your business strategy and goals.