Revenue Strategy

We help select market segments and ideal buyers, build offering value propositions, define paths to market and model full-funnel pipeline metrics needed to achieve revenue goals.

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Revenue Strategy


Ideal Customer Personas

  • Identify your deal buyer Personas (size, current products, demographics, needs, pain points, geos..)

Market Selection & Segmentation

  • Align and prioritize target markets and buyer segments.

SMART Goals & Full-Funnel Metrics

  • Understand your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and the full-funnel metrics to achieve revenue performance goals.


Brand Positioning

  • Establishing your top-down brand message and positioning in the market.

Offer Development & Value Propositions

  • Refine your offerings and value propositions to ensure they are positioned for competitive advantage.

Revenue Models

  • Identify conversion paths that maximize revenue potential.



  • Identify the mix of inbound, outbound teams to drive full-funnel performance.

Partners & Channels

  • Identify what channels your customers will use to conveniently access your products and services.

Digital Mix

  • Identify the digital channel mix.

Business Model Alignment

Most firms want to know how to get to their next level of profitable revenue growth. “We are at $30M and 30% margin, how do we get to $150M and 33% margin?” “What considerations, best practices, changes to our go-to-market model, and execution processes would make that possible?”  Misalignment of the revenue architecture and business architecture is one of the greatest challenges businesses face in achieving sustainable revenue growth. In our strategy practice, we not only help resolve critical decision points and chart that course, but we also test conclusions in the market – on a continuous basis – with revenue programs.

Sherwin Uretsky, Managing Partner

Sherwin Uretsky

Organization Change Management

Apply proven program management processes and recognize that all changes in organizations require the right change process and traction. Define clear goals, the right governance, workstreams, program structures, resources, and activities needed for a successful outcome.

Riaz Adamjee, Senior Client Partner

Riaz Adamjee

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