Revenue Strategy

Data-driven audience isolation, engagement personas, buyer engagement messaging and access strategy.


Select markets and isolate audiences for engagement.

  • Select Markets. Data-driven segmentation and competitive position.
  • Segment Audience. Audience isolation, TAM and buyer personas.
  • Prioritize Engagement. Focus based on market and internal readiness.


Innovate offerings and build buyer engagement messaging.

  • Innovate Products. Competitive offering innovation.
  • Position Offerings. Top level value propositions.
  • Message Segments. Pain, empathy and insights lifecycle narrative.


Envion strategies to access the market and engage buyers.

  • Envision Access. Paths to attract and engage buyers.
  • Align Channels. Lifecycle engagement strategies.
  • Plan Engagement. Campaigns architecture and program calendar.

Get started with a data-driven revenue strategy.

Identify quick win audience isolation with data-analysis or assess your Revenue Architecture! The Phase Zero Diagnostic is a time-boxed process assess 9-dimensions and align around a Revenue Architecture plan.