Envisioning Revenue Strategy

Segment the audience, build personas, create targeted messaging and determine how to access the market.

Markets & Buyers

Identify and target buyer segments with data-driven insights.

  • Select markets and the target addressable market (TAM).
  • Segment audience and define buyer personas understanding intent and context.
  • Prioritize engagement based on insights and competitive performance.

Valued Offerings

Enhance offerings with value propositions and engagement messaging.

  • Innovate products and define value for buyer segments.
  • Position offerings with competitive value propositions.
  • Message segments with pain, empathy and insights narrative.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Define the optimal mix of sales and marketing channels to access the market.

  • Envision access to engage buyer segments and influencers.
  • Align channels and engagement strategies across the buyer lifecycle.
  • Plan engagement for priority campaigns and programs.

Revenue Architecture Diagnostic

We can uncover the issues and align priorities at most companies within 1-2 weeks. We assess 9 dimensions against best practices and identify key issues, opportunities and priorities based on your business strategy and goals.