Revenue Architecture

Every company has a distinct opportunity to compete for buyers in their chosen markets. To succeed, they need to execute buyer engagement and customer acquisition programs across marketing, sales and service that are tailored to their buyers and differentiated from their competitors. In other words, there is no “one-size-fits all” approach.

Revenue Architecture is a fully customized methodology that helps companies engage their ideal buyers, deliver distinctive buyer experiences and convert sales. Revenue Architectures are built around a company’s Business Architecture – including their target buyers, products and services. By aligning their Revenue Architecture with their Business Architecture, a company can realize more accelerated, predictable and sustainable revenue performance.

The Revenue Architecture process depicted below includes 3 phases and 9-steps to 1. envision revenue strategies (the red), 2. enable revenue systems (blue) and 3. execute revenue programs (green).   The process is iterative and responsive to changing business conditions, market opportunities and real-time, data-driven insights from buyer engagement, helping better engage, acquire and expand customer relationships.