Revenue Architecture Defined

A Revenue Architecture is a blueprint derived from an agile process to align revenue strategies, define integrated revenue systems and optimize revenue programs for high-value client engagement and more predictable and sustainable revenue performance.

Use these 9 dimensions to assess your capability maturity and your potential to achieve more sustainable, predictable and accelerated revenue performance.

Revenue Architecture
Markets & Offerings
Engaging the right buyers with the right competitive offerings.

Revenue Metrics
Aligning revenue goals and full funnel performance metrics.
Channels and Distribution
Optimizing distribution through organization, channels and partners.
Talent & Incentives
Marketing and sales skills and motivation.
Revenue Processes
Integrated marketing and sales processes.
Technology and Tools
Technology stack, tools and integrations to enable marketing and sales.
Buyer Engagement Strategy
Full funnel buyer engagement strategies to respond to buyer needs and pain points.
Program Integration
Creating campaign content and experiences and orchestrating programs.
Persuasive Selling
Effective selling to build relationships, respond to needs and grow accounts and opportunities.

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