Revenue Architecture Defined

We define Revenue Architecture as the process and product of planning, design and construction to deliver sustainable revenue performance. “Revenue Architecture”

Rev-en-ue noun: the return or yield from any kind of property, patent, service, etc.; income. Ar-chi-tec-ture noun: the process and product of planning, design and construction.

We have identified 12  dimensions that – well executed – deliver a world class revenue architecture. These are the success factors for sustainable revenue growth – the marketing and sales practices that form the building blocks of a revenue architecture that you can align with your business architecture.

Revenue growth strategy architecture
  • Market Strategy
  • Commercialization
  •  Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Capability Assessment
  • Marketing Operation
  • Sales Operation
  • People & Talent
  • Technology Platform
  • Acquisition Programming
  • Marketing Execution
  • Sales Execution
  • Performance Management.

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