Assess Your Revenue Growth and Execution Potential

The Revenue Architecture Diagnostic is an accelerated approach designed to rapidly explore revenue growth opportunities and build a top-down plan. The 12 dimensions represent  the critical components a business needs for more predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

We use a facilitated diagnostic process along with interviews and analysis. We apply our Revenue Architecture Maturity Model best practice framework to help explore priority dimensions. The process begins with an evaluation and best practice assessment. We facilitate a workshop to review 12 dimensions of a world class Revenue Architecture, identifying the key issues to focus on. We then identify gaps, opportunities and priorities to determine what is most important to your business and identify your ‘must do’, ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ priorities. Finally, we build a top-level plan and organize action items in an implementation sequence.

Revenue Architecture

Comprehensive Analysis

We take a broad view across 12 dimensions to explore and uncover growth issues and opportunities.

Best Practices

Our Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and scorecard help facilitate a review of your priority areas.

Expert Analysis

We apply our expertise in full lifecycle marketing and sales and customer acquisition programming.

Sherwin Uretsky

Growth teams use the diagnostic to rapidly identify and organize around a growth strategy and plan. There are many factors that impact revenue growth. The diagnostic is an accelerated approach to consider these factors and prioritize a plan.

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