Enabling Revenue Systems

Revenue Systems form the enabling platform for closed-loop revenue execution, including your brand presence, revenue technology platform and the front office operating model.

Brand Presence

Establish your brand and channels for optimal buyer engagement.

  • Design. the your key messaging, visual brand identity and channel architecture.
  • Deploy.  your website, brand collateral, digital channels and brand presence.
  • Engage. and manage channels for optimized buyer engagement and conversion.

Revenue Technology

Integrate Marketing Automation, CRM, Customer Data and Business Intelligence..

  • Architect. the enterprise technology platform across marketing, sales and service.
  • Select.  optimal technology solutions based on business and functional requirements.
  • Integrate. technology systems around a 360 degree view of the customer.

Revenue Operating Model

Establish the sales and marketing processes and organization.

  • Design the marketing and sales process and operating model.
  • Build the sales organization, team structure and performance incentives.
  • Enable sales and marketing with the resources to succeed.

Revenue Architecture Diagnostic

We can uncover the issues and align priorities at most companies within 1-2 weeks. We assess 9 dimensions against best practices and identify key issues, opportunities and priorities based on your business strategy and goals.