A-la-Carte Pricing

We are often asked to share indicative pricing for specific services. While it is difficult to precisely fix prices as scope can vary, below is typical pricing for revenue program execution services. All prices are subject to change.

  • Agency Services Blocks of Hours
    Block of hours (non-retainer).$185/hr. Blended
    Block of hours (standard retainer – blended team, strategy, systems and programs)$175/hr. Blended
    Block of hours (execution and production-focused retainer)$165/hr. Blended
  • Naming, Logo & Identity

    Discover Meeting, Positioning statement, Naming (5 to 10 name options based off initial discovery meeting) and Logo. 2 Design Iterations.

    For Small Businesses with 1-2 key stakeholders or Financial Advisors under $500M AUM.

    $5,000 – $7,500
  • Service Packages for Campaigns & Programs
    Marketing Automation Campaign Setup (Automation, Copy Integration into Template, Creative Customization, Landing Page Design, Form, Email) 3 Iterations$3,500
    Campaign Content Copywriting (e.g. eBook, Email, Site Copy, Infographic, Landing Page)

    3 Iterations

    $1 / word
    PowerPoint Pitch Deck or Placemat (Content, Graphic Design)

    3 Iterations

    $7,500 ea.
    Blog Posts (4 per month)

    3-500 words each

    Monthly Newsletter Production (1 per month using Template, Repurpose existing content)

    Up to three articles (300 words each)

    $2,500 ea.
    Monthly “Success Stories Email”  (Using Template, Standard Format, Client-supplied content)$500 ea.
  • Content and Copywriting

    Firm Brochure (5-12 page Brochure) – includes copy, graphics, stock imagery.

    3 to 5 rounds of revisions.

    Costs for photoshoots and printing are estimated separately. 

    For Small Businesses with 1-2 key stakeholders.

    $7,500 ea.

    Firm Pitch Deck (5-12 page PowerPoint) – includes copy, graphics, stock imagery.

    3 to 5 rounds of revisions.

    For Small Businesses with 1-2 key stakeholders.

    $7,500 ea.

    Senior Copywriting – Key Assets

    $1 / word
    Integrated Campaign Copy – Buyer Engagement Architecture and Creative Expression

    Campaign Narrative for key assets. Primary asset & derivative assets. Creative narrative expression. Persona and life cycle design. Customized to campaign ‘Bill of Material’. (Example: EBook or Whitepaper plus Social Posts, Ad Copy, Landing Page Copy, Email Sequence, Sales Scripts.) 

    Project: $25,000 – $45,000
  • Website Design, Development & Management
    Website using Design Theme. Up to 5-10 Page Templates. WordPress. Theme, Light Graphics, Stock Imagery. Client-provided copy. Mobile Responsive. 3 Iterations$5-10,000
    Website using Design Theme with Customizations. Up to 1o-15 Page Templates. WordPress. Theme, Custom Graphics, Custom Imagery. Client-provided copy. Mobile Responsive. 3 Iterations$10-17,oo0
    Custom WebsiteCustom
    Website Copywriting (Per Page)$450 ea.
    WP Engine Hosting and Maintenance$50/ month
  • Marketing Automation Services
    Optimized Landing Page / Thank You Page Design and Creative$2,200
    Email Template Custom Design$1,275
    Email (Existing Template)$350
    Landing Page (Existing Template)$350
    Custom Automation Workflow (e.g. Email Multi Drip Campaign, Including Copywriting)$1,250
    Physical Event Campaign (Invite, Registration, Reminder, Follow-up, Thank You)$1,250
  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO Audit and Plan. WordPress Website$1,000
    On Page Optimization Per Page / Month$75
    Off Page Optimization and Inbound LinksCustom
    Keyword Research & Plan$1,000
  • Social Media Management
    LinkedIn Personal Page (Interview, Copy, Setup, Optimization)$575
    LinkedIn Business Page (Configuration, Messaging, Setup)$875
    LinkedIn Employee Profile 1-Hour Workshop$275
    Facebook Page$575
    Twitter Page$350
    Social Media Publishing and Engagement Program 10 posts/week$800/ month
  • Public and Analyst Relations
    Press Release (2 Drafts, Publish)$850
    Press Release Media List Build & Distribution$650
    Press Release Distribution$100 – $500
    Video Press ReleaseCustom
    Press Kit$3,000
  • Corporate and Explainer Videos
    Service (Illustrative pricing subject to change based on scope -and team)Price
    30-Second Explainer Video$1,250
    60-Second Explainer Video$2,000
    90-Second Explainer Video$2,500
    3-Minute Video$4,500
    Corporate Video (on location)$10,000
    YouTube or Vimeo Setup$250
    Video Upload (YouTube or Vimeo)$125
  • Advertising
    Facebook Ad Design and Setup (Up to 3 Ads)$650
    Retargeting Ad Design and Setup$575
    Google SEM / PPC and Ad Setup (Up to 4 Ads)$575
    Google SEM / PPC Program Management (Minimum Budget $1,000 per month)

    Optimization & Alignment

    Retargeting Option

    <$10,000 Ad Spend: 20% >$10,000 Ad Spend: 15%
    Print / Banner Ad (Up to 1/2 Page)$475
    Print / Banner Ad (Full Page)$700
    LinkedIn Paid Sponsor Updates$475