Web Design and Development

Your website is the hub of your marketing and sales efforts. All roads lead here!  Just like the lobby of your building or the interactions of your business development teams, your website and digital presence represent primary touchpoints for prospects and customers and it is often the first place the self-directed buyer visits. We help you establish a digital presence consistent with your brand and business strategy.

  • Brand: Communicating your brand positioning with respect to the desired target market.
  • Visibility: Optimizing your site for keywords on major search engines.
  • Design: Creating a professional and engaging look and feel and visual identity. 
  • Content: Enhancing credibility and delivering effective and persuasive copy and content.
  • Functionality: Ensuring usability, tools and resources that deliver value for your visitors.
  • Conversion: Effectively converting visitors with calls to action and amplifying your content and messaging.

Phases In the Web Development Process

To ensure complete alignment throughout the process and to effectively scope and deliver the outcomes our clients seek, we follow a phased approach.


  • Envision brand goals and the future state digital presence
  • Analyze audience and develop personas
  • Define and agree key visual, functional, technical and content requirements
  • Build and agree the plan for design and launch.


  • Architect the website, social and digital presence
  • Design visual branding, pages, posts and frontpage design layouts
  • Develop copy, content and resources
  • Define technology requirements.


  • Integrate site components and features
  • Deploy creative, visual designs and copy
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Test the site, validate and launch.


  • Manage advanced hosting services
  • Monitor site performance
  • Update software, feature and security elements
  • Maintain SEO
  • Update copy and content