Sales Enablement Services

We design the revenue architecture to align with the business model and address the buyer engagement challenge. Sales processes and tools need to be aligned with the way buyers buy and marketing and sales must also be align – and for account-based marketing and sales – fully integrated. We design and deploy integrated closed-loop revenue process across sales and marketing.

  • Ideal client / account profile
  • Target addressable market and white space
  • Buyer engagement strategy
  • Integrated revenue funnels and ‘funnel math’
  • Sales operating model, process, sales stages, rules and definitions
  • Marketing and sales alignment and service level agreements (SLAs)

Sales Operating Model

  • Business Architecture Alignment
  • Strategic Selling Organizations
  • Team Structure and Skills
  • Selling Professional Services
  • Revenue-driven Incentives
  • Coaching and Team Development
  • Deal Coaching and Account Planning

Activating Sales Enablement

  • Target account planning
  • Account value proposition and business case
  • Sales enablement content resources
  • Account engagement strategies
  • Sales plays
  • Account team coaching
  • Reporting and analytics.

Sales Enablement Techology

Technology applications are rapidly evolving and changing the way sales teams engage and develop opportunities. We help our clients identify, select, integrate and apply sales enablement solutions. Some of the technologies include;

  • Sales Intelligence Tools:  Tools like Owler and LinkedIn Sales Navigator help provide insights on accounts and contacts that help personalize and focus on better interaction value and impact.
  • Sales Content Management:  A range of applications help control, manage, publish, and access content.  Examples include Seismic, Brainshark, SAVO, Sea.
  • Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM): Tools like PandaDoc help sales team automate and enable the sales proposal, content and transactional aspects.

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