Revenue Technology

Your technology stack is a core part of your overall revenue system. Account-based marketing, inbound marketing, prospect nurture, messaging bots, predictive analytics, CRM and smart room sales collaboration are transforming the way we market and sell.

We are technology agnostic, but recognize how important and effective a marketing technology stack and sales technology stack (together, a revenue stack) is in an effective revenue architecture and in executing marketing and sales programs.

We work with a range of technology solutions. We  maintain partnerships with Salesforce, SharpSpring and HubSpot and work actively with Pardot, Marketo and other solutions.

We view the technology stack in five major categories:

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Salesforce Automation & CRM
  3. Omni-channels including Digital Channels
  4. Data Management
  5. Business Intelligence

There are 100s of technologies that fit across these broad categories and subcategories. We work with you objectively to select solutions that fit your business and technical architecture requirements and we help you setup and implement technologies in your organization.

Marketing automation and CRM solutions are core to our delivery model for marketing and sales retainers. Our Objective Solution Selection approach is helpful in narrowing the choices and selecting a technology stack that can be core to your revenue engine.