Revenue Architecture Diagnostic

The Diagnostic is a great way to rapidly explore and identify revenue growth, sales and marketing issues and opportunities. We look across your revenue funnel and consider the 12 revenue architecture dimensions to rapidly identify areas that warrant a deeper consideration.

If you already know what is in the way sustainable revenue growth, you don’t need the diagnostic. Just get started with execution.  If you are unclear about what factors may be standing in the way or how to address the issues you have, or what to focus on first, the diagnostic is a great way to get started.

Three Steps, No Fee, No Obligation:

  1. We meet by phone to review your growth ambition and key issues.
  2. Our diagnostic tools and frameworks help us rapidly identify areas of opportunity and focus.
  3. We synthesize results and share them in a review session.

We do not charge a fee for the initial diagnostic. Learn more.

Revenue growth strategy architecture

Revenue Architecture Dimensions

The 12 dimensions are structured in three layers (strategy, systems and programs). These are the critical success factors for sustainable revenue performance. These marketing and sales practices form the building blocks of a revenue architecture that you can construct to align with your business model.

Market Strategy
Brand Positioning
Value to Market
Product Portfolio.
Value Wrappers
Customer Engagement
Commercial Use-cases
Pricing, Terms & Conditions.
Sales Organization
Required Assets
Channels & Partners
Marketing Mix.
Capability Alignment
Gap Analysis
Team Alignment
Capability Sourcing
Planning & Budget.
Marketing Operation
Partners and Agencies
Web & Digital Channels
Collateral & Media.
Sales Operation
Sales Process
Tools & Enablement
People & Talent
Talent Development
Revenue Metrics
Technology Platform
Marketing Automation
Data Management
Business Intelligence.
PROGRAMSAcquisition Programming
Campaign Architecture
Campaign Orchestration.
Marketing Execution
Demand Generation
Website & Channel Management
Communications, PR
Technology Management.
Sales Execution
Deal Qualification
Opportunity Management
Account Management
Management & Coaching
Performance Management
Funnel Metrics
Process Alignment
Revenue Impact.

Revenue Architecture Diagnostic Benefits

  • Expert Analysis. We bring deep expertise and experience in consultative sales and modern inbound and account-based marketing.
  • Comprehensive Review. We look broadly at 12 dimensions to explore and uncover growth issues and opportunities.
  • No fee. No Commitment. We invest in your growth strategy and you learn more about Revenue Architects. There are no obligations.