Market Analysis and Segmentation

Differentiate your business. We help you define where you can create superior value for customers and shareholders based on the value of existing and alternative market opportunities.

  • What is the addressable market?
  • What is the market outlook?
  • What are trends and impact?
  • Who are the top players?
  • What is the industry market size / growth rates?
  • Which products currently generate the majority of the industry’s revenue / margins?
  • What is the typical life cycle of the industry?
  • Are their barriers to entry? Exit barriers? Brand Loyalty?
  • Which segments are attractive by size, growth, competition, and barriers?


We segment the market based on similar characteristics and needs.

  • What are opportunities for growth?
  • How do we target communications?
  • Where can we stimulate innovation?
  • How do we serve specific customers needs and wants?
  • What are our  revenue goals by segment?


A deeper dive looks at personas, value propositions and the customer lifecycle.

  • What are the personas in each segment?
  • What is the customer journey?
  • What value propositions and messaging address the target persona?