Valued Offerings & Commercialization

The commercialization process prepares you to introduce products and services into the market. We focus on elements of commercialization that impact revenue execution. The process includes: value positioning including target market definition and sizing, customer engagement model, commercial use cases, pricing, and terms and conditions.

Value Positioning

What value to what segment? How is your product is positioned relative to your competition? Have you clearly defined your core service or product offering and its value proposition? What is your messaging describing how your product is differentiated?  What are the product value wrappers? What ROI they can the customer realize? How critical is the customer service experience? What stories can you tell? What defines customer success?

Customer Engagement Model

How you will reach your target customer / segments? How will you find early adopters? What accounts and personas represent the buyers? How will customers interact with the company to acquire the product/ service? What is the buyer and engagement journey?  Through which channels and media will you will interact with customers to sell this product and service?  How will your target personas will behave so that you can map them through the end-to-end funnel? What marketing mix (e.g. digital,  inbound, outbound, account-based marketing) will best facilitate the sales effort?

Commercial Use Cases

What are the ways that your customers will engage and apply the product and services? What adjacent offers fit with services or products and support your central offering? How do you articulate the use cases to different segments?

Pricing, Terms & Conditions

What are the product economics and appropriate pricing? What terms and conditions are important for the transaction? Do prices cover costs and profits? Are their opportunities for greater value from pricing? Is there a price pack architecture? Are costs in line to enable competitive pricing? How does market demand impact pricing potential? How do we price in response to the competition? How much control do front line sales have on pricing and negotiation? What competitive prices must be established to assure sales?