Social Media Marketing

Social media helps create high-value relationships, generate new opportunities and improve customer retention by providing a direct line of communication. Strengthen your lead generation efforts and conversion rates by providing an additional outlet for visitors to opt in. Social media enhances and amplifies your inbound, outbound and account-based marketing and sales efforts.

A typical content distribution plan using social media mixes original content, curated and promotional content, e.g.:

  • 50% original engaging or educational content (Original ideas, thoughts, brand-specific content, lists, infographics, statistics, quotes, motivations, quizzes)
  • 40% curated content (shares with commentary of 3rd party content relevant to your audience)
  • 10% promotional content (special offers, discounts, company news)

We work across platforms with both content marketing and paid marketing programs with a particular emphasis is on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Your Revenue Architecture defines the social media strategy and ideal client profile and the media and communications strategy.

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  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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