Sales Excellence and Execution

We bring 100s of collective experience in sales leadership, Chief Revenue Officer and sales leadership roles. We bring this experience to help senior teams with salesforce development.

Management and Activity

  • Developing sales plans to deliver on business objectives.
  • Identifying and leading sales teams
  • Executing the revenue process
  • Managing territories and account relationships
  • Setting sales targets
  • Using sales tools, prospecting and generating leads
  • Closing sales, managing contractual details, terms and conditions
  • Measuring  success through indicators and managing to target metrics.

Salesforce Effectiveness

  • Targeting the best companies
  • Building long term relationships of mutual value
  • Establishing a knowledge profile of the customer
  • Developing clarity and insight about a client’s key business issues
  • Understanding  client needs and influences
  • Understanding buying cycles, decision-making processes
  • Validating  fit and qualification using a collaborative and approach
  • Conducting executive level facilitation
  • Personalizing the experience
  • Producing persuasive and logical communications
  • Building personal relationships
  • Handling objections
  • Managing account relationships strategically
  • Discounting and incentives, payment terms, payment methods etc.