Revenue Programs

We help define the mix of marketing and sales programs that align with product and service offerings. Marketing programs are coordinated with sales programs to impact the aware, consider, decide process. We also help account teams with customer advocacy, retention, cross-selling and relationship management.

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Revenue Programs


PR & Communications

  • Marketing and communications programs to build market awareness and top-of-funnel impact.

Buyer Engagement

  • Define the mix of program archetypes (Inbound, Outbound, ABM, Paid etc.) and design and develop content and resources for an equitable exchange with buyers in order to facilitate engagement.

Conversion Optimization

  • Insight and data-driven strategies to optimize buyer engagement and drive micro and macro conversions through the funnel.


Persuasive Selling

  • Developing top-down and persuasive communications and selling skills to communicate value, influence buyers and increase close rates.

Opportunity Management

  • Establishing the right outbound sales activities and crafting sales strategies through the deal lifecycle.

Account Management

  • Orchestrating account teams and account sales strategies to retain, expand and cross-sell in strategic accounts.


Delivering Effectively

  • Understanding customer needs and ensuring delivery supports retention, upsell and cross sell.

Managing Customer Experience

  • Building customer advocacy programs and delivering experiences that drive revenue metrics.

Managing Service

  • Enabling service delivery teams and sales team collaboration for maximum sales impact.

Buyer Engagement Revenue Impact

Few marketers are using a true buyer engagement approach. A true buyer engagement approach will more clearly identify the role of marketing and sales tactics and shape 1:1 messaging and experience across the end-to-end buy-sell process. Developing content and campaigns & deploying marketing and sales technology in the absence of an effective closed-loop buyer engagement strategy is like building a house without architecture blueprints. Learn more.

Keith Sullivan, Managing Partner

Data-Driven Campaign Strategies

Execution requires a range of complex software, channels and media. Customer analytics is critical, yet data is typically not clean or harmonized. The Closed Loop Marketing Architecture™ is a blueprint to help design and deliver effective campaigns.  The right analysis helps develop insights and shape campaign opportunities, then you can integrate and launch sub-segment campaigns to drive conversions and optimize campaign performance.

Mark Janowicz, Solution Architect

Defining the Buyer Journey

Campaigns begins with an understanding the customer journey. The journey map defines buyer personas and buyer steps. It becomes clear what content and processes are needed across the funnel. We implement lead scoring and align marketing and sales around the MQL (marketing qualified lead), SAL (sales accepted lead) and SQLs (sales qualified lead). Once the programs are in place, we continually adjust to adapt to changing experiences and performance.

Nan Hill, Marketing Programs Manager

Nan Hill

Campaign Production and Integration

Programs include creative content, social media and PR, marketing automation integration, websites and landing pages, and the mix of paid and owned media. We enable sales conversions and manage reporting and analytics. A good place to begin is building a campaign roadmap for a multi-channel, multi-touch program.

D. M. Thérèse Byrne, Client Partner

Therese Byrne

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