Revenue Programs

Integrate, launch and orchestrate campaigns and programs using a mix of outbound, inbound and account-based marketing and orchestrate sales opportunities with best practice persuasive selling, opportunity management and account management.

  1. With the go-to-market strategy clear, design, execute and optimize high-value buyer engagement campaigns and programs to drive demand, generate leads and nurture prospects. For each target segment, use buyer needs and pain points to construct campaigns and programs that engage byers and accounts at every stage of the buying process.
  2. Good selling involves a continuous process of activity and offer expertise. It involves prospection, qualification, personal relationship management and opportunity orchestration.  Good selling applies a sales process and methodology that aligns with the type of offer and buyer.  A full-funnel, closed-loop sales process with defined stages, gates and enabling artifacts combine with the methodology of tools and techniques to create a common language and approach for selling and account management.
  3. Customer execution through delivery excellence, world-class service and effective relationship management is critical to customer success which results in customer retention, expansion, advocacy, new referrals and new customer acquisition. Customer success happens through the adoption of best practices and the use of enabling technology. The Revenue Architecture methodology is focused on the aspects of customer execution that support retention, up-sell and cross-sell.

Revenue Architecture Diagnostic

We can uncover the issues and align priorities at most companies within 1-2 weeks. We assess 9 dimensions against best practices and identify key issues, opportunities and priorities based on your business strategy and goals.