Sales Excellence and Execution


Sales Operating Model


  • Business Architecture Alignment
  • Strategic Selling Organizations
  • Team Structure and Skills
  • Selling Professional Services
  • Revenue-driven Incentives
  • Coaching and Team Development
  • Deal Coaching and Account Planning


Competency Development

  • Targeting the best companies
  • Building long term relationships of mutual value
  • Establishing a knowledge profile of the customer
  • Developing clarity and insight about a client’s key business issues
  • Understanding  client needs and influences
  • Understanding buying cycles, decision-making processes
  • Validating  fit and qualification using a collaborative and approach
  • Conducting executive level facilitation
  • Personalizing the experience
  • Producing persuasive and logical communications
  • Building personal relationships
  • Handling objections
  • Managing account relationships strategically
  • Discounting and incentives, payment terms, payment methods etc.


Management and Activity

  • Developing sales plans to deliver on business objectives.
  • Identifying and leading sales teams
  • Executing the revenue process
  • Managing territories and account relationships
  • Setting sales targets
  • Using sales tools, prospecting and generating leads
  • Closing sales, managing contractual details, terms and conditions
  • Measuring  success through indicators and managing to target metrics.