Account Based Marketing Programs

Customer acquisition programs require a mix of strategies. ABM is effective for team selling to accounts with multiple buyer personas. It requires a fully joined-up approach between marketing and sales. ABM is an expansion of account-based selling, incorporating a greater integration of the marketing and sales process.

ABM takes advantage of new technologies for targeted advertising, personalization, predictive account selection, contact discovery, modular content, and account collaboration.

Fully customized ABM is suitable for for top tier and ‘must win” accounts and when selling multiple products and services across an enterprise (the typical focus is on 10s of accounts). A more ‘at scale’ ABM approach uses mass customization to leverage resources across account segments (typical focus is on 100s of accounts).  Data-driven inbound marketing and sales prospection works best to drive awareness and lead flow in broader market segments and to attract individual buyers (typical focus is on 1,000s of accounts for lead gen).

Closed Loop Architecture for Account Based Marketing

An closed-loop revenue architecture for ABM uses a continuous data and technology-enabled process to collaboratively engage accounts with the right messages at the right time and over the right channels. Marketing and sales technologies ( data management, marketing automation, CRM/ Salesforce Automation and business intelligence tools) enable the closed-loop process.

  • Analysis. Customer strategies are informed by account plans and prospect behaviors.
  • Insights: Accounts, personas, behaviors inform personalized experiences concepts.
  • Opportunities: Customer acquisition strategies are defined prioritized and aligned.
Closed Loop Marketing Architecture

  • Campaigns: Sales and marketing campaigns are integrated and orchestrated across the buyer life-cycle.
  • Engagement: Account personas are engaged with compelling content and experiences.
  • Conversions: Micro and macro conversions are optimized at each stage of the buy-sell process.

Our Process

  • Define the ABM Strategy and Goals
    • Account Research
    • Account Selection, Planning
    • Account Personas and Messaging
    • “Sales Pack” Mobilization
    • Campaign Strategy.

Integrate ABM Systems and Technology Stack

  • Account Personalization
  • Marketing and Sales Process
  • Account Database
  • ABM Technology Stack.

Integrate the Program Elements

  • Experience Design
  • Buyer Content Production
  • Program Integration and Launch
  • Account and Experience Orchestration
  • Program Optimization.

Download the Account-based Marketing Infographic!