The Month Zero Process

We use a diagnostic-based approach to explore 12 revenue architecture dimensions in order to rapidly identify existing capabilities, gaps and opportunities. We envision growth strategies and programs and map and prioritize the requirements for a successful execution.

Project Mobilization

We develop a project schedule and plan including scheduling key dates for working sessions and review

  1. Stakeholder Map
  2. Communication Plan
  3. Project Plan.

Revenue Architecture Blueprint

We define the vision and ambition and assess current capabilities to define a blueprint for the revenue growth strategy.

  1. Growth vision, mission and the SMART goals for revenue performance
  2. Target market segments, distribution channels and buyer personas 
  3. Revenue model and metrics including pipeline funnels for market success 
  4. Revenue operating model including the mix of sales and marketing resources
  5. Target persona messaging and value propositions
  6. Branding and positioning to engage the distribution channels
  7. Website, channels, content and experiences including social media, marketplaces and affiliates.
  8. Marketing and sales processes and sales enablement
  9. Technology stack requirements for marketing automation, CRM, data management and business intelligence
  10. Programs for execution including a sales and marketing programs calendar.

Revenue Architecture Plan

We build a plan that describes the initiatives we need to develop and the programs we need to execute for US distribution and customer acquisition.

  1. Initiative plan and timelines
  2. Resources required
  3. Budget plan including shared responsibilities for execution
  4. Incentive plan and at-risk profile.

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