The ‘Month Zero’ Process

Month Zero is our accelerated approach to set up a retainer program and develop buyer engagement strategies and priorities for initial campaigns. We envision revenue-focused strategies and tactics to accelerate growth.

Typical activities include:

Revenue Strategy

  • Clarify growth vision, mission and target market segments
  • Define ideal client profiles and segments
  • Build revenue funnels and conversion pipeline metrics
  • Develop priority Engagement Personas
  • Develop value messaging and message maps

Revenue Systems

  • Review brand, branded channels, websites and digital presence
  • Assess the marketing and sales processes and sales enablement capabilities
  • Assess the effectiveness of the marketing and sales technology stack.

Revenue Programs Alignment

  • Define campaign personas, messaging and value propositions
  • Envision customer buyer experiences and acquisition programs
  • Develop the Experience Architecture and Content Architecture
  • Prioritize campaign and program execution.

Blueprint & Plan

  • Revenue Architecture vision
  • Priority initiatives, timelines and resources
  • Budgets, roles and responsibilities for implementation.