The Month Zero Process

The first step of a revenue program is “Month Zero”.  This phase involves mobilization, segmentation,  buyer personas, buyer lifecycle maps, content plans. We design the initial campaigns and clarify the scope and resources required.


  • Stakeholder Map
  • Communication Plan
  • Project Plan.


  • What revenue operating model best aligns with with the business model?
  • What are the right revenue pipeline metrics and funnels for each segment?
  • What are the target account personas, key messaging and value propositions?
  • What is the marketing mix for our customer portfolio?


  • What branding, channels, content, experiences – including web, social media, marketplaces and affiliates.
  • What marketing and sales processes?
  • What technologies?
  • How do we enable sales and marketing?


  • What mix of sales and marketing programs and campaigns should we use?
  • What content is needed by account, persona and lifecycle stage?
  • What is the right campaign mix including paid, owned, and earned media?
  • How do we integrate and launch programs that maximize reach, awareness, coverage and conversions?

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