Sherwin Uretsky

Sherwin Uretsky

A Focus on Sustainable and Predictable Revenue

Revenue growth is the primary driver of shareholder value, yet as conditions change even successful companies will face revenue growth challenges:

  • Market changes disrupt value positioning
  • New strategies require new go-to-market
  • Technology disrupts the buy-sell process
  • Content shock crowds out messages
  • Out of date resources impact sales enablement
  • Marketing and sales are misaligned
  • Campaigns and programs fail to deliver.

The Business Architecture Continuum

The Continuum illustrates how a business will adjust their business model along a continuum in pursuit of greater margin or  greater scale.

At one end is “Commodity Product” (high scale / lower margin) . At the other is “Luminary Consultant” (high margin/ lower scale). When a business shifts left or shifts right along this continuum, their underlying revenue architecture – the building blocks of sales and marketing –  must change as well. We help you do this.

Business Architecture Continuum

Why Clients Hire Us

Our best clients have already achieved success in the market and look to us to help them:

  • Achieve the next level of sustainable and predictable growth
  • Address gaps between growth aspirations and current revenue execution
  • Better ensure predictable growth at the right cost of sales
  • Design and manage revenue programs to access the market and convert sales.

Align Your Revenue Architecture with Your Business Architecture

Revenue Architecture is an adaptive process for sustainable and predictable revenue growth.

Strategy: Align the go-to-market strategy with the business model.

Systems: Enable sales by integrating the brand, channels, people and processes.

Programs: Buyer engagement programs across marketing and sales.

Revenue Architecture

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