Closed-Loop Buyer Engagement

Ineffective buyer engagement is a drag on revenue performance.

There is a lot of hype about tactics like Inbound and ABM, but few ‘revenue marketers’ are using a true buyer-first approach. A true buyer engagement approach will more clearly identify the role of marketing and sales tactics and shape 1:1 messaging and experience.

We see issues every day as we work with clients, including:

  • Confusing the “tools” with the “techniques” of effective buyer engagement
  • A focus on tactics (inbound, ABM, etc.) rather the buyer dynamics
  • Getting persona development all wrong
  • Messaging that largely misses the mark
  • Content that is domain-centric rather than engagement-focused
  • Metrics that do not ‘close the loop’ across marketing and sales.

Closed-loop buyer engagement activates revenue performance by:

  • Recognizing the new self-directed buyer & the requisite frameworks to engage them
  • Deeply understanding customer composition & audience segmentation
  • Understanding audience POV, pain points & organizing on shared attributes via Engagement Personas™
  • Mapping audience pain & aligning messages with the buy cycle, creating Message Maps to drive funnel performance
  • Creating comprehensive buyer engagement strategies, Experience Architecture™ and a content architecture
  • Creating high-performance marketing programs that calibrate the marketing mix
  • Using a closed-loop Metrics-Driven Methodology™ to measure and optimize pipeline performance via Volume, Value, Velocity & Revenue.
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