Best Practice Closed-Loop Buyer Engagement

The lack of an effective buyer engagement strategy is killing marketing performance at most companies. While there is a lot of hype about inbound and ABM, too few ‘revenue marketers’ take a true buyer-first approach.

  • They confuse the “tools” (technology) with the “techniques” of effective buyer engagement at all stages of the buy cycle
  • They begin with the tactic (inbound, ABM, etc.) rather than first truly understanding the buyer dynamics
  • They get persona development wrong
  • Their messaging largely misses the mark
  • Their content is too “domain-centric,” and not “engagement-focused”
  • They are focused on many of the wrong metrics and not closing the loop.

“Few marketers are aligning all the requisite elements of a high-performance buyer engagement strategy. Developing content, campaigns & deploying marketing enablement technology solutions  in the absence of a buyer engagement strategy is like building a house without blueprints or a foundation.”

Closed-Loop Buyer Engagement  – An Architecture Approach

The Closed-loop Buyer Engagement approach changes all this by:

  • Embracing new buyer realities & the requisite new frameworks to engage them
  • Deeply understanding customer composition & audience segmentation
  • Understanding audience POV, pain points & organizing on shared attributes via Engagement Personas™
  • Mapping audience pain & aligning messages with the audience buy cycle, creating Message Maps to drive demand generation, ABM, lead/opportunity nurturing
  • Creating comprehensive Buyer Engagement strategies and a Content Architecture
  • Creating high-impact, high-performance marketing plans and calibrating the marketing mix
  • Using a closed-loop Metrics-Driven Methodology™ to measure and optimize pipeline performance via VolumeValueVelocity & Revenue.
Revenue Programs

Closed-Loop Buyer Engagement – In Action

We developed the Closed-Loop Marketing Architecture to illustrate the process in action. At the core is a revenue technology stack which serves as an enabler. It allows for a data-driven and insight-driven approach.

With a buyer engagement strategy in place, the closed-loop marketing architecture allows you can continuously test and refine engagement performance, track micro and macro conversions and ultimately drive revenue impact – closing the loop.

Closed-loop Marketing Architecture Blueprint

The Closed-loop Marketing Architecture is a continuous, data-driven buyer engagement process across marketing and sales.

Closed-Loop Marketing
  • Buyer First

    Start with the buyer and the tactics will become clear.

  • Intricate Pain Point Mapping

    Organizing buyer groups based on these shared attributes

  • Construct the Campaign

    Convert the Buyer Engagement Strategy into an actionable program plan

Buyer Engagement Index Complimentary Workshop

We will assess your market-facing content and campaign components and share a point-of-view in the context of some proven principles you can consider for deeper buyer engagement. 

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