9 Principles of Effective Buyer Engagement

Our revenue programs services help you deliver more predictable and sustainable revenue through effective customer acquisition and buyer engagement campaigns and programs.

We align your revenue architecture and program strategies with your business architecture and we produce and orchestrate a range of programs taking advantage of digital marketing, inbound marketing, outbound sales and account-based marketing  customized to your product, market and buyer dynamics.

Identify and quantify your ideal buyers and influencers –  identify your target addressable market, ideal client and segment them based on value.

Understanding buyers’ point-of-view (POV) – Build personas to understand each of your audience segment perspectives so you can communicate in more relevant ways.

Define the right Pain Ladders™, Pain Maps™ & Engagement Personas™ – Map your persona’s pain to build next-generation engagement personas based on a singular set of shared attributes…namely pain points

Build message maps™ that engage buyers – Build message maps as a compass to guide all content and creative development…applying a pain-empathy-insights™ methodology for message progression.

Navigate the content conundrum – Map content across the buyer lifecycle and use the principle of equitable exchange™ with  permission marketing principles to deliver an equitable exchange of value with buyers.

Engage buyers across the closed-loop process – Align content and experiences and track results across each stage of the end-to-end marketing and sales process.

Understand the metrics that matter – identify the most important and relevant metrics across each stage of your buy-sell process.

Manage with a metrics-driven methodology™ – allocate investments and activities with highest-probability outcomes using a data and metrics-driven approach.

Choose the right revenue systems platform – identify the right mix of people, process and technology and channels that you will need to execute and deliver predictable and sustainable  revenue performance.


Apply best practice buyer engagement in your business.