Sherwin Uretsky

Sherwin Uretsky

John Stone

John Stone

Professional Services Firms Sell Differently

We recognize the unique challenges and structures inherent in professional services. Of course PS firms fall along a continuum from “Luminary Consulting” to commodity and the approach to marketing and sales varies widely.  There is tremendous untapped potential for PS firms to better scale business development and take advantage of new strategies technology toward engaging accounts and business leaders.

Some of the issues we help address include

  • Professional Development – Training the Emerging Sales Team
  • Team Selling
  • Navigating the Seller/Do’er Model
  • Attribution and Revenue Sharing
  • Account Management and Proposition Selling
  • Account Management and Partner Collaboration
  • Personal Branding and Speaking
  • Nurturing Clients
  • Building Awareness in a Thought Leadership Model
  • Selling Intangibles
  • Sales and Portfolio Management
  • Persuasive Communications and Top-down Thinking.

We have extensive experience as principals in leading management consulting and professionals services (PS) firms and we combine this vertical industry insight with our core horizontal services for revenue strategy, revenue systems and revenue programs.

The Business Architecture Continuum

The Continuum illustrates how a business will adjust their business model along a continuum in pursuit of greater margin or  greater scale.

At one end is “Commodity Product” (high scale / lower margin) and at the other is “Luminary Consultant” (high margin/ lower scale). When you shift left or right along this continuum, your underlying revenue architecture – the building blocks of sales and marketing –  must change as well. We help you do this.

Business Architecture Continuum

Align Your Revenue Architecture with Your Business Architecture

Revenue Architecture is an adaptive process for sustainable and predictable revenue growth.

Strategy: Align the go-to-market strategy with the business model.

Systems: Enable sales by integrating the brand, channels, people and processes.

Programs: Buyer engagement programs across marketing and sales.

Revenue Architecture

The Building Blocks of a Revenue Architecture

Strategy Building Blocks

  • Market Position
  • Commercialization
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Strategy Alignment

Systems Building Blocks

  • Marketing Process
  • Sales Process
  • People and Talent
  • Technology Platform

Programs Building Blocks

  • Acquisition Programs
  • Marketing Execution
  • Sales Execution
  • Performance Optimization

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