Nutrition, Food & Beverage

Consumers are changing buying habits faster than ever. Product assortment is increasing and people have growing concerns about health and wellness.  Self-directed shoppers want to know where their food is produced.  On top of this, retailers are consolidating and adding sophisticated online shopping options.

Many companies — especially emerging ones — need strategic sales and marketing support. The right solution is challenging to find.

The food & CPG industry needs an integrated closed-loop marketing, distribution and sales approach.  We look at 12 dimensions of revenue architecture, broken into Strategy, Systems, and Programs.  These are examples of how we engage in the industry:

    • Strategy: Provide strategic direction consumers & customers, products, pricing, and distribution networks
    • Systems: Set up structure and tools for brand identity, staffing, business operations, and technology
    • Programs: Establish routines and schedules for retailer meetings, engaging consumers, motivating sales teams, and measuring results.

    Strategic communications and digital marketing are playing an increasingly important role across food, beverage, nutrition and health. Marketing programs, online & offline branding, marketing automation and effective sales networks drive revenue performance.

    Our expertise include marketing and distribution, social media, public relations, sales and technology.  Projects include strategy development and audience engagement programs. We build brand awareness, launch integrated marketing campaigns and manage integrated revenue programs.

    • Strategy
    • Closed-loop Marketing
    • Revenue Technology
    • Content Collateral
    • Website Design & Development
    • Price Strategy
    • Promotion Planning
    • Assortment
    • Branding
    • Campaigns

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