Independent Financial Advisor Marketing Programs

Asset management firms are finding it increasingly difficult to capture the attention of time-starved advisors’ intermediaries. New fiduciary standards are adding pressure to distribution strategies, particularly for active investment portfolios. Traditional outbound sales and wholesaler engagement is critical, but no longer adequate to generate demand and build long term relationships.

As wirehouse channels become increasingly constrained, a focus on independent advisors and direct channels becomes more important. Wholesalers must also become more consultative and value-added in their approach with advisors. Advisors are more easily ‘self-selling’ on the web and are driven more by performance than relationship alone.

We construct advisor acquisition programs that align marketing, sales, and technology teams around a closed-loop approach.

With the right advisor data and insights, asset management firms can design and deliver compelling and tailored experiences. Integrated programs help engage advisors with usable content and resources to deepen relationships.

Service Overview

We deliver flexible consulting and agency services for investment management firms. We focus on intermediary sales and marketing and value-added programs. Because we work with independent financial advisors, we understand the needs of the day-to-day advisor and we use this understanding to help craft, integrate and launch advisor acquisition programs.

Our areas of focus include designing and deploying innovative marketing programs, architecting marketing and sales technology solutions, building data management strategies in support of marketing goals, executing marketing campaigns and programs, and enabling sales teams.

  • Advisor Buyer Engagement
  • Closed Loop Marketing
  • Campaign Design and Automation
  • Marketing and Sales Technology
  • Sales Enablement
  • Social Media Marketing.

Let us brief you on advanced advisor buyer engagement strategies.

Michelle Draper

“John Stone is one our top-rated speakers at Schwab Impact. His presentations on social media and digital marketing are helping advisors accelerate their engagement in this increasingly important strategy.”

Michelle DraperSenior Vice President, Institutional Services MarketingSchwab Advisor Services
Vice President

“The workshop series helped us envision our digital marketing strategies across consumer and intermediary businesses giving us a view into the disruptions of emerging digital and social media.”

Vice PresidentVP, Client Experience & Digital Marketing
EVP of Marketing

Revenue Architects introduced an innovative idea to expand our advisor engagement and help our wholesaler teams open the door with like-minded financial advisors. The inbound marketing program aligns with our brand identity and provides advisors compelling content and tools to engage clients – opening the door for our sales teams to build relationships.

EVP of MarketingGlobal multi-affiliate asset management firm