Financial Advisor Marketing Services

Financial advisors provide important, high value services for clients, yet many fail to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Investors find it difficult to navigate their options and choose between a wirehouse broker FA, RIA, hybrid, discount brokerage, insurance professional or robo solution. Costs and fees, changing fiduciary standards, and the role of CPAs and attorneys add to the confusion investors feel as they pursue a financial or estate plan and go about selecting a financial advisor. Investors also do not fully understand the tangible benefits that come from effective financial planning and wealth management.

Successful advisors build a revenue architecture with differentiated brand identity and messaging platform along with consistent client acquisition programs to achieve sustainable and predictable revenue growth.

Revenue Architecture

We have developed The 2020 Financial Advisor Revenue Architecture Playbook –  a set of proven growth strategies that serve as a blueprint for growth-focused financial advisors.

2020 Financial Advisor Revenue Architecture Playbook

Revenue Strategy

Define a strategy that distinguishes your firm and a go-to-market plan that is systematic, consistent, doable and measurable.

Set SMART Goals. Establish clear revenue goals and sales metrics that are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and time-based.

Build Persona-level Messaging. Ruthlessly focus on your ideal client profiles by using personas to guide content and messaging.

Construct a Go-to-market Plan. Build a systematic, repeatable process that fits with your capacity and skills to execute.

Revenue Systems

Set yourself up with a sales and marketing platform, including a distinctive brand system, modern website and digital presence and flexible selling assets to engage clients.

Build a Distinctive Brand. Set yourself apart with an authentic brand identity. Too many advisors look the same. Give up the canoe and compass images and define a brand identity that balances rational and emotional appeal.

Establish a Strong Digital Presence. Share content across channels that clients use and build a great website and social media presence as a marketing, sales and onboarding hub.

Use Technology and Tools. Use marketing automation and CRM along with LinkedIn, live chat and other tools to better connect in the moment and engage prospects are actively considering.

Revenue Programs

Execute a creative, systematic and consistent approach to new client acquisition that fits your ‘selling DNA’ and that you can maintain month-to-month.

Drive Local Visibility. Most of your clients look for relationships locally. Use the right mix of marketing strategies to maximize your local impact.

Define a Value Proposition for each Client. Educate prospects on the benefits of working with your firm. While compliant, build a case around the benefits that investors can derive from comprehensive financial, estate and portfolio planning and disciplined investment management.

Personalize Client Experiences. You know a lot about prospects before you meet with them. Use automation to understand client interests and customize experiences based on ‘behaviors’ they exhibit at different stages of the journey.

Revenue Programs for Financial Advisors

We provide comprehensive consulting and agency services for financial advisors.  We ‘right-size’ programs for different levels of AUM and growth ambition.  Our “Month Zero” process rapidly defines the marketing and sales plan for sustainable growth. Our pricing page outlines illustrative retainer models.

Strategy Services

  • Revenue Growth Metrics and Funnel Analysis
  • Segmentation and Growth Strategy
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging.

Systems Services

  • Branding, Collateral and Sales Systems
  • Websites and Social Media Presence
  • Marketing Automation, CRM and Tools.

Programs Services

  • Personas, Content and Messaging
  • Public Relations and Local Marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.

Complimentary Briefing on the Revenue Architecture Playbook.

Veronica Samoulides

“John Stone is one of our top-rated speakers. His knowledge in financial advisor inbound and digital marketing makes him a valuable resource for our clients.”

Veronica SamoulidesManaging DirectorCharles Schwab Advisor Services
Chris Parr

“Revenue Architects has been our “go to” resource for comprehensive marketing support. RA’s insight regarding the integration of multiple media channels with constantly evolving technological capabilities has been particularly valuable to our firm.”

Chris ParrPresidentParr Financial Solutions, Inc.
Sarah Quist

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Revenue Architects’ insight and guidance as we expand our social media and digital presence. Their follow through is exceptional and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Sarah QuistInvestment ManagerVision Capital Management, Inc.
Rick Stram

“Revenue Architects is helping us modernize our marketing as well as our sales collateral – enhancing the language and approach for our Envision >> Plan >> Act approach to client service.”

Rick StramManaging DirectorMarino Stram & Associates

Updated E-Book: Inbound Marketing and Sales for Financial Advisors.