B2B Solutions and Services

Self directed B2B buyers are the web across their buying process before they meet with a salesperson.  The “Amazon effect” has changed their expectations of the buying process. B2B Solutions and Services companies need to align their marketing and sales approach to their buying process and embrace more digital experiences across both marketing and sales to deliver on their expectations. The good news is that emerging technology like digital “smart rooms”, customer data platforms,  AI and intent data are part of a RevTech stack that enables advanced buyer engagement strategies.

B2B businesses are continuously adjusting their business models in response to competitive factors.  For example, they often are moving up and down the following continuum:

  • Expert Consulting
  • Implementation Services
  • Service-led Solutions
  • Product-led Solutions
  • Complex Products
  • Standard Products

As they adjust along this continuum, they need entirely different Revenue Architecture designs – including changing their sales structure and skills and marketing campaigns and approach.  Methodologies  must be aligned. Inbound Marketing methodology is an important strategy for many companies, yet when targeting less than 1000 named accounts, a targeted Account-based Marketing (ABM) and Account-based Sales (ABS) methodology is likely a better fit.  Why fish with a net, when you should be fishing with a spear? Most businesses will use a mix of these methodologies or customer acquisition archetypes across their product/service/buyer portfolio.