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In pursuit of growth or scale, B2B businesses adjust their business model along a continuum between “luminary consulting” at one end and “Commodity Products” at the other end.  Clearly, these widely different business models and they require a completely different revenue architecture. It is vital that leadership teams align the building blocks of a revenue architecture to fit where they are on this continuum.

In a recent client, the team jumped on the “Inbound Marketing” bandwagon with a “mass market” content funnel approach but found that they really only target 1,000 companies worldwide. Why fish with a net, when you should be fishing with a spear? In this example, an account-based marketing and sales strategy makes sense. For most businesses, there will be a variety of strategies for different segments of the targeted addressable market and product / service portfolio.

How we help:

Closed-Loop Marketing and Sales Value Chain

The buying process has changed. Self directed B2B buyers use the internet and 70% of the buying process is typically completed before prospect engages with sales and account teams. It is vital that they are aware of and engaging with your brand at the top of the funnel.

Buyers are also not concerned with your internal marketing and sales organization. They follow a buying process and you need to align your marketing and sales process to deliver on their expectations during this process.

A modern revenue architecture must engage customers consistently process across marketing and sales and use a wide mix of channels and media.  Sales and marketing teams must collaborate to engage accounts and buyers along this journey and effectively and measure and track activity end-to-end.

We help B2B product, solutions, software and services companies deliver integrated, data-driven closed-loop marketing and sales programs. Our focus is on buyer engagement -the starting place to capture customer value.

We design advanced buyer engagement campaigns programs using a range of marketing automation and sales enablement technology solutions.

Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing and Sales Effectiveness

We help our clients architect and execute a range of buyer engagement customer acquisition programs across marketing and sales. These include a mix of tactics depending on the business model and revenue funnel.  We combine inbound marketing, account-based marketing and sales and help our clients create more predictable lead flows and pipeline velocity.  We construct experiences and messages based on the buyer’s’ point of view and pain map.  and we engage with buyers at every stage of their buyer lifecycle.

Exposed. The False Promises of Revenue Marketing.

This eBook describes the 9 Principles of Effective Buyer Engagement. These serve as a practitioner’s guide to help you to increase leads, conversions, pipeline velocity and revenue impact.

  • Volume:  Generate “Top-of-the-Funnel” Visits & Inquiries
  • Value: Get Better Qualified Inquiries
  • Velocity: Increase Conversion Rates
  • Revenue: Optimize Engagement for Revenue Impact.

Fouad Habboub

We appointed Revenue Architects to shape our go-to-market strategy, support our front office and roll out a comprehensive marketing presence. This has helped us attract significant inbound attention and interest through content marketing and specialist conference participation.

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“The content produced by Revenue Architects was one of our highest performing downloads”

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“Great results for our web strategy, significantly enhancing our communication objectives and revenue streams. Excellent response from Revenue Architects team.”

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