B2B Solutions and Services

In pursuit of growth or scale, B2B businesses adjust their business model along a continuum between “Management Consulting” at one end and “Standard Products” at the other.

Clearly, these different business models require a different Revenue Architecture approach. Leadership teams need to align around the building blocks of a Revenue Architecture to coordinate sales and marketing for their offering portfolio.

Not all methodologies work. For example, we embrace the Inbound Marketing methodology which is an important strategy for most companies. However, for some companies that are targeting a TAM (target addressable market) of 500 named accounts, a targeted outbound sales and ABM strategy would be a better fit.  Why fish with a net, when you should be fishing with a spear? Most businesses will use a mix of customer acquisition archetypes across their product/service portfolio.

Responding to the Modern Buyer

The buying process has changed. Self directed B2B buyers use the internet to accomplish as much as 70% of their buying process before they meet with a salesperson.  The buyers doesn’t care if they are engaging with your marketing or your sales team. They are follow their self-directed buying process. In response, you need to align your marketing and sales approach to their buying process and deliver on their expectations.

The Revenue Architecture approach helps you engage customers in a more joined up and consistent way across marketing and sales and take advantage of a mix of campaign archetypes, channels and media.  Sales and marketing teams collaborate to engage accounts and buyers along their journey and measure and track activity end-to-end using a closed-loop approach.

The good news is that emerging technology like AI and intent data combined with the foundation RevTech stack, provide an opportunity to engage the right buyers at the right time and on the right channels. It is not easy, but these capabilities are maturing and enabling the sales engine.

Our Services

Our Methodology Training Services help B2B product, solutions, software and services companies onboard their Revenue Architecture for an integrated, data-driven closed-loop marketing and sales process.

Our Consulting and Agency Services help clients architect and execute buyer engagement customer acquisition programs. These include a mix of tactics depending on the business model and revenue funnel.  We combine Inbound marketing, Account-based Marketing and Outbound Sales to build more predictable lead flows and pipeline velocity.

Our Platform Solutions help growth businesses who are looking for a complete solution rapidly engage the market. We meet you where you are and tailor and onboard the Revenue Architecture Marketing and Sales Methodology, deploy the brand presence including your website, integrate your technology stack with SharpSpring Marketing Automation and CRM and launch customer acquisition campaigns!

Fouad Habboub

“We engaged Revenue Architects to help us adopt the Revenue Architecture approach and shape our go-to-market strategy. The team supports our front office and our brand presence. This has helped us attract significant inbound attention and interest through content marketing and specialist conference participation leading to more leads and closed business.”

Fouad HabboubChief Executive OfficerIKINDI, Inc.
Ikki Boudargham

“The team from Revenue Architects constructed and deployed our end-to-end Revenue Architecture and is supporting our growth vision with agency services. The team is shaping our go-to-market strategy, building and maintaining or digital and brand presence, and executing marketing and sales programs.”

Ikki BoudarghamChief Executive OfficerMyConnect Solutions
Anne Dempsey

“We experienced great results for our NetApp and Cisco marketing strategies, significantly enhancing our communication objectives and revenue streams. Excellent responsiveness from Revenue Architects team.”

Anne DempseyDirector of MarketingContinental Resources