12 Questions for Your Sales and Marketing Plan

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Revenue growth requires a company-wide commitment and responsibilities cut across product groups, customer success, marketing and sales teams.  When developing a marketing plan, sales plan or performing due diligence for a private equity investment,  acquisition or a new CEO or CRO role – consider these 12 questions to develop your revenue architecture and revenue performance potential. The 12 dimensions take a broader view of revenue growth dimensions – beyond sales effectiveness and marketing campaigns.Revenue Growth

While there are many factors to consider, these 12 questions can help focus your sales and marketing planning.  When we first developed the Revenue Grader (now being revised) six years ago, we included 50 questions – or dimensions – in the analysis. While all 50 remain valid, we found that it was a bit cumbersome to consider all 50 when starting with a top-level plan or diagnostic. We now focus on these 12 dimensions and drill down into sub elements based on key issues or priorities.

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Launching the Revenizer!


The recently published CMO survey (link: ) is quite timely for our team at Revenue Architects. The survey indicates both the growing importance of key revenue metrics and the relatively poor and inconsistent adoption of the right metrics as indicators of revenue performance. While no two businesses are exactly alike, there are a number of key metrics that are leading indicators of future revenue performance.

Last week Revenizer was formed as a new company to deliver a performance-oriented revenue scorecard and collaborative tool for executives. Revenue Architects’ Phil Rogers and our colleague, Satish Boppana, and I formed Revenizer to build and deliver a new generation revenue performance scoreboard and collaborative platform. Betaspring in Providence, RI is backing the project with their industry leading accelerator program.

The vision is to help revenue executives create a growth and revenue culture.

As we talk about all the time at Revenue Architects, sales, marketing and service must work together in a more joined-up and collaborative process for revenue. The days of separate and non-aligned sales and marketing organizations are giving way to a more unified revenue value chain. The disruptive forces of digital and inbound marketing and social media in the buy-sell process is accelerating this trend.

Revenizer will integrate leading web apps from social to CRM to give business leaders one place to go for the key revenue indicators needed to manage performance. It will also provide best practices and expert and user collaborative content to guide teams on revenue performance improvement strategies. With Revenizer, a business can better execute its revenue strategy with greater transparency, focus, organization and knowledge  – accelerating revenue growth.

If you want to join the beta team of users and help shape this exciting solution, please contact us!