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Financial Advisors: Enhance Your Social Media Impact

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HNW Investors are Social

For financial advisors, social media represents a powerful addition to traditional marketing. Indeed high net worth investors are active on social media and expect their advisors to be also.  To wit,

  1. 87% use social media
  2. 52% of investors want to connect with advisors on LinkedIn
  3. 50% of high-net-worth investors want market, trend, and product information via social media

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Financial Advisors: Filter and Target 1:1 with Social Media

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To be competitive today, financial advisors should be using social media to engage connections and capture qualified prospects.

Digital Foundation: This strategy is underpinned by your Digital Foundation, that is:

  • Client and 1st degree connections on social networks, the three most important (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook)
  • Contact database
  • Contacts in a CRM system (e.g., SalesForce, RedTail)
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Alerts and monitoring

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Schwab Advisors: Leverage "RiA Stands for You" in Branding

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RiA Stands for You: Halo Effect for Advisor BrandingRiA Stands For You

It’s simple, yet powerful.  Leverage the distinctive brand identity in the Schwab RIA Stands for You (RiAS4U) campaign to elevate your brand image and credibility with clients, prospects and influentials as a Registered Independent Advisor (RIA).

  • Align your brand with the RiAS4U messaging
  • Follow the branding standards and creative brief provided by Schwab Advisors

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Marketing Diagnostic – Revenue Grader Best Practices Template


We have been using the Revenue Grader now for several months and as we gear up for a new release, I thought it would be worthwhile to highlight what has made it valuable for the clients who have used it so far. One of the challenges we have had is making sure our users understand what it is – and what it isn’t.

What is the Revenue Grader?

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Financial Advisor Compliance: FAQs and the RIA Stands For You Campaign

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As you consider your digital strategy and in particular, financial advisor compliance strategies that take advantage of the Charles Schwab RIA Stands For You Campaign, there are a number of questions you may have related to regulatory compliance. The following responses were provided by, Mitch Avnet. Mitch is a Revenue Architects supporting partner and leading industry compliance expert who’s background includes experience with Lincoln Financial Group, Wachovia and PNC Financial.  Need assistance in your compliance program?  Contact us!

Below are some FAQs for compliance and Mitch Avnet’s replies:

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Financial Advisor: Digital is the New Marketing

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Part I: Establish an Effective Website Hub

This is the first of a five-part series –Financial Advisor: Digital is the New Marketing — providing core “new marketing” strategies for financial advisors including some special aspects for Schwab RIAs to leverage the RIA Stands for You campaign (RiAS4U).  Subsequent parts will cover, branding, engagement & targeting, social media and campaigns.  

Your website is the HUB of integrated marketing. It is:

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5 Strategies for Charles Schwab’s RIA Stands For You


By John Stone

Next week, I will be presenting with Charles Schwab on national webinar for Registered Investment Advisors. The focus is on shaping digital strategies in support of the RIA Stands For You campaign.

Many of our financial advisor clients are late adopters of social media and digital marketing. Why? The advisory business is deeply 1:1, highly personal and guided by confidentiality and extensive regulation. Launching into a social media and digital marketing strategy is fraught with potential pitfalls and a mis-step can undermine the hard fought reputation that is the life blood of the advisor and the primary source of new business through referrals.

So how should an advisor tackle the digital marketing minefield?

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Tweets from the #RIAS4U Event

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The Twitter Buzz was so great for #SchwabIMPACT and #RIAS4U during Schwab’s annual IMPACT conference this year, it reached Twitter’s trending list!!  The Keynot by EVP Bernard J. Clark, unveiling enhancements to “RIA Stands for You” campaign propelled the buzz.

Below are a selection of tweets as well as some highlights of a related webcast next week.

In next week’s webcast John Stone will be discussing five strategies for using the #RIAS4U campaign:
  • Website Hub – Use RIAS4U to enhance your website content and value
  • RIAS4U Branding – Gain from program’s “halo effect” by using the brand and content
  • 1:1 Targeting – Use new tools to filter and focus on 1:1 engagement using RIAS4U
  • Social Media – Expand your reach and influence with social media engagement
  • Campaigns – Combine RIAS4U elements into your custom campaigns.


RIA Stands for You: Tips to Get Started! –

Are RIA Firms Using CRM Effectively? –

Bernie Clark at Schwab Impact: RIAs’ Competitors ‘Want What You Have’ –

Check out our #RiAS4Y blog post and download our Revenue Performance Healthcheck –

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Check out #RIAS4U at Schwab IMPACT!

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If you are attending this week’s at Schwab’s Impact, be sure to learn more about the RiA Stands For You Program.

Use Digital to Do What You Do Best!

The proliferation of web access anytime, on demand, using personal computers and smart mobile devices, is introducing new opportunities for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to do what they do best – deepen and enhance relationships.

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RIA Stands for You: Tips to Get Started!

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Schwab is investing millions of dollars in the RIA Stands for You online campaign.  It is an opportunity for clients of Schwab Advisor Services to put the marketing muscle of Schwab to work for their own firms.

By focusing the campaign online, Schwab is validating the power and growing importance of digital and social media channels and marketing programs to attract new clients and referrals. The beauty of the web: it is measurable and trackable.

One of the major challenges of attracting the attention of prospects online is fresh content.  And Schwab is providing a great deal of this (educational documents, logo, videos and more), for RIAs to customize and integrate to enhance their own online marketing efforts.  Plus there is a dedicated website and a social media presence.

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