Financial Advisor Smart Book™ (5 Of 9): Engage A Strong, Multi-Channel Digital Presence

We recently published an enhanced edition of the  2018 Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™. This resource is a comprehensive guide to help independent financial advisors build an ‘independent difference,’ that is, a strategy-led, systematic growth program with 9 proven strategies. The goal is to help advisors:

  • Increase Volume: Generate More Visits & Inquiries
  • Increase Client Value: Get Better Qualified Inquiries
  • Increase Velocity: Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase AUM and Revenue: Optimize Engagement for AUM growth and Revenue Impact.


Move away from a static cliché website to establish a more dynamic, mobile responsive website. Your website is your marketing hub that you can use every day for marketing, selling and on-boarding clients.

  1. Position your website branding consistent with your brand strategy and desired target market.
  2. Modernize your website with a professional design and an engaging look and feel.
  3. Get found by optimizing your website for major search engines using the right ‘long tail’ keywords that your target personas are using – with an emphasis on local search.
  4. Build credibility with content that is appropriate for your clients, adding value and showcasing your service offering.
  5. Make your website easy to use and accessible, and ensure the site works effectively on mobile devices.
  6. Optimize your website for conversions by placing appropriate calls to action and fostering an equitable exchange of value between your firm and the prospective client visitor.
  7. Add appropriate functionality including secure file share, reporting and financial tools and services that deliver value for your ideal client profile and that helps streamline the on-boarding process.
  8. Share valuable updates and stories to drive customer interest and activity, and amplify your content with “earned media” – e.g., social media content sharing.
  9. Establish brand outposts on, for example, Fee-Only Network, NAPFA, LinkedIn.
  10. Consider highly targeted PPC advertising and re-marketing.
  11. Syndicate articles, answer investor questions across touch-points to build credibility and get found (e.g., Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, local media outlets etc.).

Some Tips to Get You Started:

  • Consider fewer, longer pages with ample white space that scroll to increasing depth.
  • Avoid cliché images.
  • Establish your brand on multiple ‘outposts’ by sharing content on channels that your target clients use and amplify this with your ‘right-sized’ social media presence.

You can explore the first four growth strategies:

1Align Your Team on Vision and Smart Goals 

2Build Persona Messaging for Ideal Clients Profiles 

3Define a Go-To-Market Model That Works for Your Firm 

4–Craft a Distinctive Brand Identity, Positioning and Messaging

…or explore all 9 strategies for growth by downloading the 2018 Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™  below.



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