2018 FA Smart Book

Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™ (3 OF 9): Define a Go-to-Market Model that Works For Your Firm

2018 FA Smart Book


Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™

We recently published the 2018 Edition of the Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™.  This resource is a comprehensive guide to help independent financial advisors build an ‘independent difference,’ that is, a strategy-led, systematic growth program with 9 proven strategies. The goal is to help advisors:

  • Increase Volume: Generate More Visits & Inquiries
  • Increase Client Value: Get Better Qualified Inquiries
  • Increase Velocity: Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase AUM and Revenue: Optimize Engagement for AUM growth and Revenue Impact.

[Strategy 3 of 9] Define a Go-to-Market Model that Works For Your Firm.

A solid Go-to-Market Model will shorten marketing time and minimize costs. A GTM strategy can also play a major role in business growth.

The go-to-market model is based on your business model and it clarifies the elements you will use to grow your firm. You likely have already defined most of these elements, but clarifying is important.

  1. Service Offering: Based on your target market segments, articulate your service offerings, benefits & advantages vs. the alternatives and how you price (Fee-only/ hybrid, robo, full service, plan development, etc.)
  2. Market Engagement: Determine how you will engage the market. With what team to what prospects and with what partners (asset management relationships, custodian, referral networks, etc.)
  3. Channels & Content: Define the channels and content you will use to reach prospective clients (e.g., web, SEO, social, advertising, media/PR, content/thought leadership, speaking, charitable activity, e-mail, apps, webinars)
  4. Technology: Define what technologies and processes you will be using (e.g., Marketing Automation, CRM, Portfolio Reporting, etc.)

 Some Tips to Get You Started

Be selective about target clients. Which clients have the potential to be profitable, and the willingness to form long-term relationships?. Lose unwanted customers and manage the others efficiently without loss of focus.  An A-B-C Client Model is a handy tool to segment your client base and manage your portfolio.

Long-term success will rely on a go-to-market strategy and plan that reaches your target clients and positions your firm with a competitive advantage.

You can explore the first two growth strategies, 1Align Your Team on Vision and Smart Goals and 2Build Persona Messaging for Ideal Clients Profiles or explore all 9 strategies for growth by downloading the Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™  below.


FA Smart Book

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