2018 FA Smart Book

Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™ (2 OF 9): Build Persona Messaging for Ideal Client Profiles

2018 FA Smart Book


Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™

We recently published the 2018 Edition of the Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™.  This resource is a comprehensive guide to help independent financial advisors build an ‘independent difference,’ that is, a strategy-led, systematic growth program with 9 proven strategies. The goal is to help advisors:

  • Increase Volume: Generate More Visits & Inquiries
  • Increase Client Value: Get Better Qualified Inquiries
  • Increase Velocity: Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase AUM and Revenue: Optimize Engagement for AUM growth and Revenue Impact.

[Strategy 2 of 9] Build Persona Messaging For Your Ideal Client Profiles (ICPs).

This is not an abstract exercise.  You would be surprised how effective it is when you focus on specific personas, personas that represent the needs and behaviors of your ideal clients.

 Steps You Can Take to Build Persona Messaging for Your ICPs

  1. Start by defining personas – fictional characters that represent your specific client segments.
  2. These personas should characterize the demographics, attitudes, values and behaviors of these 
    • Example personas for a financial advisor include: physician with a spouse and family, 
ultra-HNW business owner, individual mass affluent, power couple, college family sub-HNW, etc.
  3. Draw information from various resources to accurately depict the customer (e.g., data, research, 
interviews with current clients).
  4. Include information like job and demographic data, what a day in their life looks like, what their 
challenges or pain points are, where they go for information, common objections to financial 
advisors and more.
  5. Add an image and a ‘quote’ to humanize your personas.
  6. Use the personas that will help you to tailor website copy, content and campaign language, 
and to deliver better digital experiences and personalized communications at each stage of the marketing/sales process.

 Some Tips to Get You Started

Two important tips and best practices for the first strategy —Build Persona Messaging for Your ICPs —  concern message maps and key facts or pain points.

  1. Develop persona message maps to organize your key messages and ensure consistency throughout the buyer’s journey.
  2. To support each message, develop two or three key facts, or pain points that can be fleshed out in copy and images.

You can explore the first growth strategy, Align Your Team on Vision and Smart Goals  or explore all 9 strategies for growth by downloading the Financial Advisor SMART BOOK™  below.


FA Smart Book

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