10 Measures to Justify Marketing Automation

We are often asked about the business case for marketing automation. In the end, it is a numbers game. There are plenty of operational advantages of course  – sales and marketing alignment, single solution replacing point solutions, etc. But, in the end, it is about revenue.

So how does marketing automation increase revenue?

Here are 10 (plus 1 bonus) metrics to consider and some volume impacts you might expect to get from well run marketing automation (and creative campaigns):

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Revenue Grader – Launching Soon

We are excited by the up-coming launch of Revenue Grader, our new application for business leaders.

Inspired in part by Hubspot’s Grader apps, Revenue Grader is a management-level diagnostic tool to rapidly assess revenue performance potential and develop a prioritized top level plan – in minutes.

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Everything's Going Mobile…End of Story

We were fortunate to escape the confines of the office in order to attend a NEDMA (New England Digital Media Association) Conference at the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center.  From the moment we walked up to the second floor, we were immediately submerged in innovative ideas and new data that will help shape future marketing campaigns.

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