Joining Revenue Architects

We welcome full and part-time consultants with expertise and passion for client impact at the intersections of sales, marketing and technology.

Our colleagues value being a part of a collaborative team delivering consulting and agency services in a flexible working model. Compensation is based on a combination of billable client work and team selling contributions.

Our Core Team are full and part-time members who operate under the Revenue Architects brand.  They are the “revenue architects” leading and delivering client work across strategy, systems and programs services and are the first to be staffed on client assignments.

Our Network Team includes specialists engaged to address specific project requirements  (e.g. technology development, creative, content development, media, advertising, web development, adwords, social advertising, creative)

Roles at Revenue Architects

Revenue Consultant (RC): The revenue consultant (RC) “consultant”delivers consulting services independently bringing expertise in elements of strategy, systems  and programs disciplines. The RC demonstrates consulting craft and project delivery skills, maintaining a high degree of independence when delivering consulting assignments. He/she supports business development efforts and maintains a professional profile with established credibility in revenue marketing and sales disciplines. The RC utilization target is 85+% (FTE). Typical experience range 3+ years.

Engagement Manager (EM):  The EM manages assignments within and across clients and workstreams. He/she is highly effective in building and managing client relationships and leading teams in effective service delivery. He/she is persuasive in articulating the complete spectrum of Revenue Architects services and is current on emerging integrated marketing, sales and customer acquisition practices, bringing expertise in industry sectors and maintaining an active public persona (e.g. writer/blogger).  The EM targets a utilization of 80+% and achieves a personal sales attribution of $175k+ (FTE). Typical experience range 5+ years.

Creative Director (CD):  The CD leads buyer engagement messaging and content architecture. He/she works with the creative team to create, plan and deliver the strategic buyer engagement vision for clients. The CD is involved in planning advertising, supervising the creative process. The creative team includes art directors, copywriters and designers.  The CD maintains a target utilization of 80+% and a personal sales attribution of $150k+ (FTE). Typical experience range is 8+ years.

Program Director (PD):  The PD leads buyer engagements and program execution, driving impact for clients. The PD architects and produces full funnel marketing and sales programs that drive demand, conversions and revenue impact.  The PD manages work streams across buyer engagement programs and supports business development. The PD maintains a target utilization of 75+% and a personal sales attribution of $200k+ (FTE). Typical experience range is 8+ years.

Client Partner (CP):  The CP is a senior member of the Revenue Architects team. He/she sells and manages clients independently and is an industry leader who authors and manages client proposals end-to-end. The CP generates sales and manages commercial arrangements and contracts along with Managing Partners and helps develop standards, methodologies and practices. The CP maintains utilization of 60+% and achieves a personal sales attribution of $300k+ (FTE). Typical experience range 10+ years.

Managing Partner (MP): The MP leads a practice, team or geography and independently manages P&L. He/she sells and manages a portfolio of business and client engagements and is a thought leader and public speaker. The MP manages business operations and builds buyer engagement strategy and marketing/sales programs. The MP maintains a target utilization of 40+% and a personal sales attribution of $500k+ (FTE). Experience includes 15+ years working with clients in the sales and marketing domain.