About Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects is a Boston-based consulting agency that helps businesses align their revenue architecture with business architecture to deliver more predictable, sustainable and accelerated revenue growth.  The process involves envisioning go-to-market strategies, integrating revenue systems and launching revenue programs that integrate marketing, sales and service to engage buyers and capture customer value.

Why Revenue Architecture?

Emerging technologies and the web are fundamentally changing the buy-sell process. Self-directed buyers are more in control and businesses need to orchestrate Marketing, Sales and PR to effectively engage buyers across their end-to-end buying process. However, it is not “one size fits all” as different business models need entirely different revenue architectures.  For example:
  • For high value strategic accounts,  1:1 account-based marketing and account-based sales may be appropriate 
  • When selling high value products and services to a market segment at scale may require a Mass-customized Account-based marketing and sales program
  • Higher volume “lead generation” buyer engagement programs that target self-directed buyers may need an Inbound Marketing approach
  • High volume sales with smaller dollar transactions can leverage digital direct self-service strategies
  • For many businesses, a mix of these archetypes will be required.
The underlying strategies, systems and programs across these archetypes are entirely different. As business change their business model to drive greater margins or increased scale, they must also change the dimensions of their revenue architecture.

Our Services

We use a design thinking approach to envision go-to-market revenue strategies, integrate enabling revenue systems (brand, people, process and technology) and optimize buyer engagement revenue programs that are tailored to the unique characteristics of the business model, customer segments and revenue goals.

Revenue Architecture

Our Expertise

Our core role is to serve as our client’s architect for revenue growth and through our core team and expanded network, we bring a broad range of sales and marketing expertise to execute revenue programs.

Experience and Sector Focus

Go-to-market strategy,  digital marketing, account-based marketing, buyer engagement, messaging, Inbound marketing, account-based sales, CRM, marketing automation, data management, content marketing, UX design, WordPress web design and development, campaign content production and execution, closed-loop marketing, sales process, sales enablement, metrics and impact measurement, program management/ PMO.

Industry sectors include B2B Software, Technology & Solutions, Professional Services, Health Technology and Life Sciences, Investment / Asset Management, Financial Advisors / RIAs), Banking,  Insurance, CPG, Food and Nutrition.

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