About Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects is a Boston-based consulting agency. We help businesses design and execute their revenue architecture so it aligns with their business architecture. The process involves envisioning go-to-market strategies, integrating operating systems and launching buyer engagement programs to capture customer value.

Why Revenue Architecture?

Emerging technologies and the web are fundamentally changing the buy-sell process. Self-directed buyers are more in control and businesses must orchestrate Marketing, Sales and PR to effectively engage buyers across the end-to-end buy-sell process.

However, it is not “one size fits all”. Different product/service business models require entirely different revenue architectures.  For example:

  • 1:1 Account-based Marketing and Sales is needed for strategic high value accounts
  • Mass Customized Account-based Marketing is appropriate for high-value segments
  • Inbound Marketing applies in high volume “lead gen” with self-directed buyers
  • Digital direct works for self-service high volume transaction segments.

The strategies, operating systems and revenue programs are entirely different across these segments and as business modify their business architecture to drive greater margins or increased scale, they need to adjust their revenue architecture to ensure business alignment.

Revenue Architecture Design Thinking

In Revenue Architecture design, we apply design thinking principles to envision go-to-market revenue strategies, construct enabling revenue systems (people, process and technology) and launch buyer engagement revenue programs that are tailored to the unique characteristics of the business strategy and customer segments and for every stage of the buyer lifecycle.

Our Services

Revenue Architecture

Areas of Expertise

Through our core team and with expanded support from the Revenue Architects Network, we bring a range of sales and marketing expertise.

Revenue Architecture design, go-to-market strategy,  digital marketing, account-based marketing, buyer engagement programs, messaging, inbound marketing, account-based sales, CRM, marketing automation, data management, content marketing, UX design, web design and development, campaign production and execution, closed-loop marketing, sales excellence, metrics and impact measurement, program management/ PMO.

Sectors includes B2B Software, Technology & Solutions, Professional Services, HealthTech and Life Sciences, Investment Management (Asset Management, Financial Advisors / RIAs), Banking,  Insurance, CPG, Food and Nutrition.

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