About Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects helps growth companies design, implement and execute their Revenue Architecture and get to the next level of accelerated, predictable, sustainable revenue performance.

Based in Boston, we work locally, nationally and globally on revenue-focused initiatives. Our core team and affiliate network bring expertise across marketing, sales and technology disciplines.

Revenue Architecture

The Revenue Architecture Marketing and Sales System

Unlike other marketing and sales methodologies, Revenue Architecture is a flexible, closed-loop marketing and sales system that adapts to different business models and offerings.

Marketing and Sales: To orchestrate today’s buyer experience, Marketing and Sales teams must coordinate the full lifecycle buyer experience.

Customized: Most methodologies are “one size fits all”. Different offerings and business models require different marketing and sales models. Revenue Architecture uses an adaptive approach to custom fit the marketing and sales process.

Best Practices: The 9 dimensions of a Revenue Architecture serve as building blocks for revenue performance. By continuously evaluating and improving each dimension, companies can get to the next level of marketing and sales effectiveness.

Open Architecture: The Revenue Architecture framework includes a set of core marketing and enablement tools, templates and processes. We use an open architecture approach to “plug and play” different tools and techniques based on the business context.

Technology-enabled: To engage buyers effectively, a company needs a single view of the customer and coordinated buyer engagement.  We integrate and deploy technology platforms and adapt to existing technology to enable the full-funnel marketing and sales process.

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